Health Monitor Chemo Calendar

Staying On Schedule Is a Key to Success

In order to stick to your prescribed chemo schedule, you must keep track of all your appointments. Creating a chemo calendar is a great way to do this. To access a calendar you can personalize, see the links below for your options. You can choose to print a calendar to mark up freely, or download an electronic version you can use right on your desktop. Both provide an easy-to-use way to stay on schedule and keep up with your treatment.

A calendar can help you keep track of:

  1. Chemo treatment days
  2. Chemo logistics, such as arranging rides to and from treatment
  3. Doctor appointments
  4. Blood tests; rest days
  5. Days when you are most prone to infection
  6. Celebration days (family occasions, the day you reach the halfway point of chemo)
  7. Non-chemorelated appointments.

Download: Your 2020 PDF (print only) Chemo Calendar