Your Chemo Care Team

During your chemo treatment, you’ll be cared for and supported by a variety of medical professionals. Some you may never meet—such as the pathologists and radiologists—and some you’ll see face-to-face, including your:

Medical oncologist. This doctor is responsible for planning and supervising your chemotherapy. He or she will determine the type, dosage and schedule of your chemo drugs.

Oncology nurse. These nurses receive specialized training in the science of cancer, and will provide care, support and education during your journey. An oncology nurse may also be the one administering your chemo and treating potential problems, like allergic reactions.

Oncology nutritionist. This specially trained nutritionist can help you plan menus for before, during and after treatments.

Oncology social worker. This is a professional who can help you with psychosocial needs and financial issues related to chemotherapy treatments.

Phlebotomist. Phlebotomists draw blood when lab tests and procedures need to be done.

Physical therapist. Some cancer centers will have a physical therapist or exercise expert help you maintain healthy physical activity during your chemo treatments.

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Your Chemo Care Team
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